Our mission is to promote higher education at the international level and to provide quality counselling services to students wishing to enrol abroad. We opened our doors more than 10 years ago and have consistently provided the support and quality advisory services we need to study abroad. OEL simplifies student and individual study abroad searches. We support admission procedures by combining international students, recruitment partners, and academic institutions into one platform. We plan to become the world's largest online platform for international student registration and educational support for students on their educational journey.

The educational program offered by OEL is structured and planned to enable full compatibility of work, personal life, and research. Depending on the needs of continuing education, students can choose from a certificate course, a diploma course, a specialized course, a PG diploma course, or a master's course.

Student Benefits


An overseas education adviser is essential in supporting and assisting students in the simple or hassle-free application or paperwork processing. OEL is approved by several government regulatory agencies across the country. A consultant's responsibility is to work with the student and the university to gain admission. The specialist will provide all relevant information and assistance regarding Profile evaluation, University selection, Admission Processing and Documentation. the counsellors will help you filing for education loan if required and assist you in writing an effective and impactful SOP/LOR.


By studying abroad, you are allowing yourself to develop holistically, to experience the world outside your own country, to learn and adopt a new culture, to make new friends, and, most significantly, to boost your employability worldwide. Not every college overseas is a top or well-known institution. Accept reality and strategize for that CV that will get you into top firms. Counsellors at OEL assist you in choosing the best college for you overseas and suggest the best programs related to your stream and that helps in reaching the new heights in your career.


There are several phases to consider while applying for a student visa. We will make ensure that you are well informed on the most recent visa standards and circumstances. To reduce your troubles, we assist you certify, translate, and ship your documents. Whether it is Australia, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States, we can help you with the entire process.


Moving to another nation, especially at a young age, can be intimidating, and we understand that. Making a new home away from your own country is a crucial element of adapting to a new culture and surroundings. The correct lodging can make or break your move to living abroad.Our counsellors help with you and your parents to choose the type of housing that is ideal for you. We take into consideration factors such as safety, travel time, cost, quality of life, and college timings when advising you on making the choice between on and off campus accommodation. We also help you identify areas in your city of choice which are international student friendly.

OEL Student

India turns out to be a market with huge potential for abroad training anyway intricacies engaged with beginning another business are definitely more than beginning a partner office. To have organization of workplaces all over and presence in the entire of India is undeniably challenging for large associations and marginally unthinkable for the medium size and more modest ones also. This is the extraordinary business design, which can empower fair organizations to go for a public development and arrive at clients in all pieces of the country.

Franchisee Benefits

Information Vault

Our Franchisee gains admittance to an information base of 700+ Colleges, 80,000 + programs, introductions, learning materials and applicable documentation required in the everyday concentrate abroad enrollment exercises.


Industry with most noteworthy return for money invested. We make opportune installments towards commission got after fruitful enrolment of understudy to the tie-up college.

Operational Help

We give total hand holding to the franchisee - preparing and on-boarding at Nagpur HQ, foundation set up help, publicizing counsel - outside, computerized, online media and print channels, enlistment help, normalized methods, functional rules and updates.

Complete Administration

We give help at each progression of the client lifecycle beginning from Lead The executives through College and Program determination, Confirmations, Applications and Visa Help, Pre-Takeoff Instructions and other Worth Added Administrations.


Counselling is important for study abroad. It plays a crucial role for students who want to study abroad. It specifically helps scholars to find the right academic institute and the right course to explore. Such overseas counsellors can easily collect all the necessary information on a student visa, scholarship schemes, educational loans, and more.

The counselors' help in choosing a study destination and choosing the right education provider and course. They also assist with registration and preparation for your English test and visa application support. Our counsellors also help with your accommodation. Not just this, they also perform career counselling and help in job search support and advise you to get a better job and opportunity.

Counselor Benefits


Language counsellors provide education to students in order to assist them understand the fundamentals of a specific language. They typically begin with the fundamentals of basic grammar and format, then progress to more complex stuff, eventually aiming to become comfortable speaking and understanding conversational conversations. They may deliver this instruction onsite in a classroom setting or remotely via a remote learning platform. They choose a curriculum, teach topics, and assess students' progress.

Career Counsellor

A career counsellor is a professional who assists people in choosing a career and achieving their professional objectives. Counsellors assist clients in entering the labour field, changing jobs, and looking for work. People in this sector operate in a variety of contexts, including schools, government agencies, commercial corporations, and community organisations. Choosing a career can be difficult. A career counsellor is a professional who assists people in choosing a career and achieving their professional objectives. People in this sector operate in a variety of contexts, including schools, government agencies, commercial corporations, and community organisations.


AN education counselor’s work is to provide counselling and career advices to the students to choose them a right course in right college. They also help in tackle the different academic challenges and assist them reaching the goal. The major responsibility is to assist teenagers in term of course and program selection, school adjustments & career planning. education counsellors keep an eye on the personal/social and behavioural problems which may affect their academic life. It is not just job; you can make a difference by helping students make their career. The job of an education counsellor is quite adventurous and you get new challenges every day.


Admission essays, also known as application essays, are an essential element of the application process that allow institutions to gain a clear understanding of your personality and interests. An essay writing counsellor provides assistance to students to write an impactful and impressive essay that can describe the required information such as "Why Will Studying Abroad Help Your Academics?" or "Why did you choose the location you want to study?" clearly and neatly. These counsellors help with writing admission essays in such a manner that they show the full potential and the traits of the personality of the students.